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Legal Due Diligence

Whether you plan investments or strategic partnership or buying business/company it is necessary to perform due diligence of the Target. Our lawyers guarantee an object examination to be reliable and independent. We provide complex business analysis including corporate and management structure, property rights and contractual obligations.

The volume of due diligence services is based on clients needs. It may embrace particular period of time, focus on particular issues research or range to detailed on-site examination.

Within the framework of the legal Due Diligence analysis we comment on the following aspects of the Target:

  • Legal Status of the Target
  • Formation of the Charter Capital of the Target
  • Powers of Senior Executives
  • Employment issues and HR documents
  • Rights to real estate objects
  • Contracts for the main activities
  •  Licensing and certification
  • Financial obligations of the Target
  • Intellectual property
  • Litigation matters